Babcock International

Serving with global reach


Babcock International Group, PLC is the United Kingdom’s leading engineering services organization with current annual revenue exceeding £4.5 billion. Assurex Global Partner, Griffiths & Armour, originally won Babcock’s U.K. insurance business in 2008, but when Babcock acquired Canada-based VT Group in 2010 and Avincis in 2013 – which has presence around the globe – the company had new insurance needs.

Griffiths & Armour utilized the expertise of the Assurex Global Partnership to service its client, working with Assurex Global Partners around the world to service Babcock’s needs. Matt Donnelly, Partner at Griffiths & Armour commented, “It was essential that we identified and worked with committed Assurex Global Partners who were able to provide high-end service, advice and transactional solutions. Andy Sloan, partner of The Magnes Group in Ontario, Canada and his team fulfilled that criteria along with several other Partners who have since been appointed to service the global needs of Babcock.”

Sloan reflected, “We felt a huge responsibility to deliver on the service promised. With hindsight, Babcock saw that the service offering it had prior to us was nothing compared to the service and price savings the Assurex Global Partnership could give them.”