Local Service and Global Reach Helps Client Avoid Closing an Office


Since 2011, Amsterdam, Netherlands-based Meeùs Assurantiën B.V. has retained GEOLOG International, a globally operating company that is active in the oil and gas sector. GEOLOG is a leading global oilfield services company providing surface logging services to oil companies and integrated service providers, both onshore and offshore across more than 45 countries. GEOLOG is the largest independent international surface logging company in the world; was founded in Italy, has its headquarters in Amsterdam and has offices across the world.

Meeùs first began its relationship with GEOLOG when an International Liability Program was initiated, including local polices serviced by various Assurex Global Partners worldwide. At the end of 2014, a serious issue arose with the client’s auto coverage in its Angola office. The limit of the local auto policies appeared to be insufficient to cover the full gap up to the attachment point in the global policy as shown on the COI.

At the time, a local agent was servicing GEOLOG’s subsidiary in Angola and was unable to provide the increased limit of the local auto policy that had been requested. GEOLOG’s head office urgently turned to its trusted advisor and Assurex Global Partner, Meeùs, for help.

Meeùs tapped its partnership connections with Assurex Global and reached out to Lisbon, Portugal-based João Mata Corretores e Consultores de Seguros. João Mata put Meeùs in touch with its branch office in Angola – and the issue was resolved within a week.

“João Mata established the contact with its office in Angola, and things were solved with an underwriter who could provide auto policies with the required local limit within one week,” Rein Moolheizen of Meeùs said. “The economic damage for our client could have been significant if João Mata would not have solved the issue so quickly.”

As a result of this action, Meeùs not only deepened its client relationship, but also uncovered new opportunity within Angola’s oil industry.