GS Wiring

Servicing one client in two countries with international teamwork


GS Wiring is an auto supplier with U.S. headquarters in Findlay, Ohio. They manufacture more than half of their products in Reynosa, Mexico and have started the process of building a second facility in Delores, Mexico. Despite all of this growth in Mexico, their current brokers did not have an understanding of their business and were slow to react to their needs.

In March 2012, GS Wiring’s North American operations asked for assistance with the safety/emergency plans in Mexico for their existing facility. With this, their American broker and Assurex Global Partner, Kapnick Insurance Group, approached GS Wiring with the idea of helping their Mexican operations through Assurex Global’s Mexican Partner, LorantMMS.

Kapnick Insurance Group VP Joe Buick then reached out to LorantMMS and they responded with an offer to put together customized guidelines for their safety/emergency plans, which was accepted in a very positive way. “This was a great step in adding value to our relationship with GS Wiring via Assurex Global and LorantMMS,” Kapnick Insurance Group President Jim Kapnick said.

GS Wiring was very satisfied with LorantMMS as their broker in Mexico and also with the coordination of their entire program, including the U.S. operations by the team. Because of this, the client awarded Kapnick Insurance Group and LorantMMS broker of record on their business the very next day.