An Important Webinar From Our Partner — How to Talk About Racism in the Workplace

The recent death of George Floyd, as well as a number of other events that preceded and followed his death, sparked a movement that pushed racism and inequality issues to the forefront. Leaders, businesses and other organizations are now faced with the challenge of addressing those issues and positioning themselves to be part of the solution.

Parker, Smith & Feek, Assurex Global’s Seattle-based Partner, recently hosted a webinar that is available to view addressing the various questions companies are now asking, including:

    • Should my company make a formal statement and where do we start?
    • How do we become allies and what steps can we take to become anti-racist?
    • How do we give employees a platform to educate, learn, and foster a culture of healing and progress?
    • What diversity and inclusion training and resources are available for employers around recruitment, interviewing, career development, and sensitivity?

The panel featured three experts:

LueRachelle Brim-Atkins, Founder & Consultant, Brim-Donahoe & Associates: LueRachelle has more than 30 years of experience designing customized, comprehensive training and education programs that focus on leadership, management, cultural competence, diversity, and social change.

CJ Gross, Leadership Consultant, Ascension Worldwide: CJ’s extensive experience working with Fortune 500 companies in diversity and inclusion has given him a unique ability to deeply engage with his clients to uncover and resolve cultural as well as systemic issues that hinder employee performance and efficiency.

Karen Lee, CEO, Pioneer Human Services: Karen’s organization provides treatment, housing and employment services to people overcoming the challenges of criminal history, substance use disorder, and mental health issues.

Check it out:

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Parker, Smith & Feek plans to host a Part 2 to this webinar soon. You can look out for new webinars coming up here and view past webinars here.

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