Assurex Global Meetings Reimagined

As we all continue adapting to the impacts of COVID-19, Assurex Global has been reimagining its meetings and evolving to give Partners more opportunities to connect, collaborate and learn with peers around the world.

The challenges our Partners face in their respective roles don’t occur just once a year, so their chance to discuss them and find new solutions with peers shouldn’t either. We want engagement between our Partners to continue all year, and we’re fortunate in that we have the technology to make it happen.

Meetings are an absolute staple in the value that Assurex Global provides to our Partners. These gatherings are where we come together to learn, build trust and connect with one another, and strengthen the relationships that serve us for years to come. As we continue a reimagined version of these meetings for the foreseeable future, we still fully intend to deliver all of these aspects and more. We are excited to return to in-person meetings again in 2021 – and to enhance engagement and collaboration throughout the year, we will also continue hosting these virtual opportunities.

Here’s what’s coming up this month:

July 14  — Financial Management Virtual Meeting: Market / Industry Update  

July 21 — Benefits Compliance Virtual Meeting  

July 22  — International Account Managers Virtual Meeting: Kick-Off 

July 29 — Communications Virtual Meeting: Assurex Global’s Strategic Plan & How It Can Help You 

Assurex Global is planning virtual connection opportunities for Partners in various roles and regions of the world over the next several months. Stay tuned for more!