Building a Commitment to Workplace Safety – A White Paper for Construction Contractors

Since 1970, the rate of death for construction workers has dropped by 67 percent. However, one death on the job is still one death too many. According to “Building a Commitment to Workplace Safety,” a white paper from our Partners at Assurex Global, there is more to safety then simply applying hardware like hard hats, protective eye wear, and gloves. Safety is a mental and behavioral-based commitment that workers and their managers make every day.

The white paper provides an overview of safety and builds on this foundation with exercises you and I can use to commit to safety within our own lives.

Exercises, tools and behavior-based safety methodology that you’ll learn include:

  • Six steps for building a safety commitment
  • Two exercises for mentally committing to safety and situational awareness
  • Two methods for viewing safety influences

Read the full white paper to learn more about committing to your own and your employees’ safety. Doing so will positively impact your life and those you work with.