Unlike any other practice groups in the industry, Assurex Global groups are comprised of diverse “best of breed” brokers who are all leaders in their chosen specialties and local geographies. The groups exist to foster collaboration in carrier relations, product development, knowledge sharing, tool access/usage, and marketing activity – all of which serve to advance business development as well as client service.

Assurex Global’s Construction Practice Group was formed in 2015 for the primary purpose of providing better engagement and support for prospective and current clients in the construction industry. This is achieved by member Partners bringing their expertise, experience, and negotiating power together in developing new products, programs and service models.

The Assurex Global Construction Practice Group has a diverse set of member firms sharing a strong commitment to serving general contractor clients. Among its many collaborative efforts are:

  • Monthly guest speakers providing valuable content for marketing and service purposes
  • Knowledge sharing on proposals, contracts, and other business documents
  • Reviews of account servicing practices

Leverage the collective expertise of participating Assurex Global Partners in the areas of sales, brand, marketing, service, and product development to position participating members as the unquestioned industry leaders in their respective geography.

Establish a group of construction brokers within Assurex Global who are viewed as first in class experts for their respective markets.