Insider Secrets to Successful Volunteer Management [White Paper & Infographic]

Volunteers perform a number of pivotal tasks for nonprofits, from greeting guests at a museum to providing leadership experience on a board of directors. Nonprofits may believe their organization does not need insurance to protect against the risks associated with using volunteers. However, accidents and crimes do happen, and nonprofits must be prepared for the risks involved when working with volunteers.

To help inform nonprofit organizations about what motivates volunteers, how volunteers can be recruited and how insurance can provide a layer of protection, Assurex Global has published a white paper, Insider Secrets to Volunteer Management, and infographic, Six Steps for Effective Volunteer Management.

Read the white paper to learn about:

  • Two types of benefits that volunteers often gain and how managers can tap into these benefits to improve volunteer loyalty
  • Six steps for effective volunteer management
  • Two types of insurance nonprofits should consider to protect against the risks associated with volunteers

Read the full white paper and view the infographic to learn more.