Make More Informed Health Plan Decisions with Data Analytics

There is a nearly endless pool of health-related data. But, without analysis, the data is meaningless and inactionable – just a jumble of ones and zeros.

With analysis, however, a company can find new opportunities to slow their benefit spend, reduce employee sick days, and create a more satisfied workforce. As employers and employees continue to battle escalating health care costs, this has never been more crucial.

To learn more, read the white paper, Health Plan Secret Weapon: Integrated Data Analytics, provided by our Partners at Assurex Global.

By reading the white paper, you’ll learn about:

  • The rising cost of healthcare and HMOs, PPOs, and how HDHPs came to be
  • Wellness programs that can reduce claims’ frequency and severity
  • Common data analytics tools and how they work together
  • Case studies that underscore the importance of healthcare data analysis

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