GSA Insurance Brokers Pty Limited


The Insurance game is a tough, competitive business. Steeped in history, it’s often perceived as staid, cautious and conservative. We believe it’s due for a shake-up. We are a new breed of Insurance Brokers, who think insurance should do more than just cover you for loss. It should help your business prosper and grow. GSA will bring you a new era of accountability, performance, service and specialization. That may sound surprising, but that’s what makes us different. Our brand positioning is ‘Look No Further’ – that’s us, that’s GSA. In today’s economic climate we need to be exemplary at everything we do. We continue to take the time to clearly understand our clients’ needs and what they want from us. Our attention to detail means we can create ‘fit for purpose’ products at an appropriate price. ‘Look No Further’ is our commitment that we won’t accept second best, or ‘that’ll do’. It means we set high standards for what we do and how we do it. The face of GSA presents a passion from the organization to deliver and over-deliver.


137 Harrington Street, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia - 2000



Associations , Auto Dealers , Banking/Financial Services , Cyber , Hospitality (hotels, motels, resorts, etc.) , Information/Communications , Product Liability , Professional Indemnity , Sports (professional, amateur, etc.)
Asia / Pacific
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