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STRATEGICA GROUP represents a group of companies who specialize in Risk and Insurance Management.

For over 25 years the people working in Strategica have been dealing with some of the biggest Italian and foreign companies in global consultancy in the Risk and Insurance Management professional activities.

Thanks to the specialization, knowledge and culture acquired over the years on the market, Strategica has become a group of companies which are able to support their client with the development of Risk and Insurance Management plans as a whole.

STRATEGICA GROUP works all along the Risk and Insurance Management value chain, operating through structures specializing specifically in the various phases of this process and synergically cooperating.

STRATEGICA GROUP includes among its clients many leading companies working in various sectors (agriculture, banking, chemical, energy, food, healthcare, insurance, logistics, pharmaceutical, retail, technology, telecommunications, tourism, transport).


STRATEGICA RISK CONSULTING is a consulting company, which focuses on Risk Management in general and Risk Financing in particular and addresses large and medium size companies.
The proposed services call for consulting and support in the decision-making process of the top managers in relation to Risk Management.

STRATEGICA RISK CONSULTING complies with the constant updating of risk management strategies and the monitoring of all the essential elements for decisions which, from time to time, can be evaluated by the risk manager and/or company management in their decision making processes.

The main areas of activity are:
• risk analysis using advanced and innovative methodologies, through which the characteristics and relevance of risks, both from the quality and quantitative points of view, can be defined
• designing overall risk mitigation and risk financing strategies
• development of organizational models and procedures of Risk & Insurance Management Departments, which are functional to the company structures


STRATEGICA INSURANCE MANAGEMENT is a broking company dedicated to the activities of implementation and management of the insurance and reinsurance programs.

By working within the wider Risk Management process, resorting to insurance does not represent a starting point for Strategica Insurance Management, may rather be the logical conclusion of the overall process of “Dealing with Risks”, with clear strategies of risk transfer, defined on the basis of the risk analysis results previously carried out.

The operational philosophy is based on a logic of technical and operative support, in order to allow the development of strong and lasting relationships with the top managerial levels of the relative Insurance Companies.

STRATEGICA INSURANCE MANAGEMENT is fundamentally different from most of the Italian Insurance Brokers. The company does not simply act as an intermediary, but rather as a structure of technical and administrative support for the client, by following the risk transfer process to the insurance market, basing this on sophisticated technical / statistical analysis and by selecting innovative criteria and methodologies.

Special attention is given to the legal aspects as well as those concerning the insurance contracts, connected to the drafting of policies in such a way as to guarantee perfect conformity with all the predetermined Risk Management and Risk Financing strategies.

STRATEGICA INSURANCE MANAGEMENT manages both national and international programs, maintaining a close relationship with the most important insurers and reinsurers at an international level.
Strategica Insurance Management produces a wide variety of reports, useful to the customers and the insurers to evaluate all aspects from the technical, administrative and managerial point of view.


VAANCE is a broking company dedicated to the distribution of insurance products and services through retailers and to affinity groups.

VAANCE operates using advanced technologies through a high-tech platform, which is able to optimize the main operational procedures of the insurance business.

Aside from the technological aspects, VAANCE integrates a wide set of skills and knowledge in the insurance market, in terms of relations with the main insurers at the national and international level, product development, distribution and sales dynamics, marketing, compliance.


VALORE SICURO is a broking company dedicated to the travel insurance business.

VALORE SICURO is managed by a team of professionals with a wide set of skills and knowledge in the travel industry, the development of travel insurance products and services, the marketing and sale of insurance throughout the travel distribution value chain
VALORE SICURO operates using Vaance advanced technologies.


People working in Strategica Group are recognized experts in the area of Risk and Insurance Management at both the national and international levels, with a background and experience in various areas.

The professionals of Strategica Group operate according to the principles of precision and mutual respect, appreciating the best in each person and therefore providing a solid foundation for relationships. Activities are carried out by sharing the experience and talent of professionals, together with a deep sense of commitment to work side by side with Clients, Partners, and Insurers.

The professionals of Strategica Group operate on the basis of shared aims and results and of quality standards which are monitored periodically with Clients and Partners.


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