2015 E&O Plus Quality Management Seminar Synopsis

The 2015 E&O Plus Quality Management Seminar was held Sept.21-23 in Columbus, Ohio. Sixty firms participated and spent two days discussing E&O issues affecting agency operations. Fifteen new firms were welcomed to the meeting along with 32 people who attended the meeting for the first time.

A record 103 individuals attended this seminar this year. Due to the number of first-time attendees, the Quality Management Consultants selected seasoned QCs to be “buddies” to the newcomers. This worked out very well.

Once again this year, the meeting opened with a breakfast for those new to the compliance and quality roles within their firms. Joan Marsh led the session and introduced the key to being successful by using the word CHANGE. Joan explained the meaning of each letter and how following that word can lead to success.

Followed by the welcome and the E&O Plus Program Update given by Tim Wiechers of Assurex Global, we heard from leading industry experts on a variety of topics. Chris Kakish of Oswald Companies, Dominic Paluzzi of McDonald Hopkins, Bryan Thornton of Net Reaction, LLC and Greg Vernaci and George Pagano of AIG spoke about cybersecurity defenses and handling a cyber incident.

Audrey Shields, Esq. of Golden, Rothschild, Spagnola, Lundell, Boylan & Garubo, P.C. teamed up with Judi Hogan and Shehla Qureshi of Allianz to review various claims stores and claims trends affecting this line of business overall and the program in general.

Don Elias of Client Sales Force spoke on “When to Say No to Technology.”

Bob Radecki, of Benefit Comply, returned this year to discuss compliance and agency risks related to the ACA and HIPAA.

David Caperton, joy strategist, advised us how to keep our joy in a time of change and stress.

Day two began with a benefits breakfast, led by Robyn Larson of SilverStone Group, Inc. Robyn discussed updating the E&O Plus Benefits audit form, HIPPA, cybersecurity and the ACA.

Next, Anna Gaylor of Accelerated Learning Design, Inc. (and a PAR reviewer) instructed the group on the steps for producer selection and training. A panel consisting of Ellen Blake of Wharton Group, Barb Jackson of Kapnick Insurance Group, Marilyn Gaudreault of The Harry A. Koch Co. and Elizabeth Flesh of EAF Consulting Group, Inc. (a PAR reviewer) discussed the use of the E&O Plus Audit forms for capturing a sample of the work done by the service personnel of the agencies.

Finally, Curt Pearsall of Pearsall Associates, Inc. (and a PAR reviewer), discussed claims made policies and how to avoid the E&O pitfalls of policies written on a claims made basis.

Throughout the seminar, there were numerous breakout sessions allowing participants to discuss specific topics with peers and to gain insights how other firms deal with said issues.

In the end, based on attendee feedback, the meeting proved valuable for all and provided opportunity to network with peers and share ideas on best practices related to agency operations and managing E&O exposures.

The agenda, registration (with email addresses), bios and presentations can be found in E&O Plus Passport. Go to the E&O Plus Program Portal and click ‘Briefcase’ in the left-hand menu. Click the plus sign next to “User Group,” then click ‘2015 E&O Plus Quality Management Seminar.’

A special thanks to the seminar planning committee as well as all who were able to attend and make this a great event.

We look forward to seeing you next year!

The 2016 E&O Plus Quality Management seminar will be held Oct. 24-26 at the Omni Los Angeles Hotel at California Plaza in Los Angeles, California.

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