Large financial services firm

In wake of Japanese tsunami, an Assurex Global Partner steps up


Assurex Global Partner RCM&D has a large financial services client with subsidiaries around the world – one of them is located in Japan and was impacted by the events surrounding the 2011 tsunami in Japan. RCM&D had been working with a local broker due to a previous relationship, but in the words of Karen Randazzo, vice president of RCM&D, “As hard as we tried to get the local broker and carrier to respond and advise on status, we were getting nowhere fast.”

That’s when they turned to Cornes & Company Limited, an Assurex Global Partner located in Japan. “We immediately felt the change in our fate from a feeling of uneasiness to one of certainty and calm. It is truly amazing these same individuals who were living in Japan during a time of crisis and fear were able to instill in the RCM&D staff that they had the ability and competence to get the placement done without gaps, severe restrictions, or pricing changes.”