South African infrastructure provider

Partners acting as a cohesive team


Because risk management and related insurance coverage for the construction of power plants is a very complex process – beginning with avoiding double insurance and ending with coordinating complex claims handling – a major infrastructure provider based in South Africa with global operations had the need for a partnership of two insurance brokers. Collaboration between two brokers in the same network was critical so that the client did not fall between two stools.

German-based Assurex Global Partner Leue & Nill had been servicing the South African company, but the other broker involved was not holding up its end of the bargain. The South African company needed a pair of brokers that could work together as a cohesive unit. At Leue & Nill’s suggestion and after a series of meetings with the client, Assurex Global’s South African Partner GIB Insurance Brokers began working with Leue & Nill in mid-2012 to service the client’s needs.

“The client very much values that Assurex Global Partners are carefully selected and are constantly under review,” Patrick Rehme of Leue & Nill said. “This implies knowing they are working with the best broker in every country.”