Southwest Airlines

Collaboration leads to client success


A longtime client of San Antonio, Texas, USA-based Catto & Catto, Southwest decided it wanted to move forward with its first cyber liability program. Catto & Catto has provided most of Southwest’s non-aviation insurance since the airline’s early days, but it didn’t have the expertise in-house to develop and place the required coverage, so it drew on the strength of the Assurex Global Partnership.

Catto & Catto CEO Jaimie Hayne had built a strong relationship with San Francisco, California, USA-based Woodruff-Sawyer & Co. Chairman Stan Loar at Assurex Global meetings over the years, and he saw an opportunity to leverage the firm’s expertise in cyber liability insurance. With that in mind, Jaimie worked with Lauri Floresca, SVP, Partner of Woodruff-Sawyer & Co. to propose their solution to Southwest. Southwest’s trust in Catto & Catto, and Catto & Catto’s trust in Woodruff-Sawyer made Southwest’s selection of Woodruff-Sawyer easy.

While the work of putting together the program was hard, Catto & Catto and Woodruff-Sawyer were up to the task, which built the $200 million program with 21 carriers, led by AIG. Southwest has been pleased with the program, which was only made possible because of the strength of the Assurex Global Partnership.