Schouten Zekerheid


Schouten Zekerheid specializes in managing risks and mediating in insurance policies for companies, institutions and industry associations. We have been doing this for 66 years for risks such as liability, marine, property, construction and credit. Moreover, Schouten Zekerheid has traditionally had a special expertise for all forms of insurable employment conditions; employee benefits and pensions.

Our company was established in 1953. Due to strong organic growth and several acquisitions, Schouten Zekerheid has grown into a leading partner in the field of risk management. Schouten Zekerheid is one of the top 6 largest independent insurance brokers in the Netherlands. Our team now has 180 people. As a family business, Schouten Zekerheid has no connection whatsoever with any insurer or financial institution and we are completely independent.

The organization has a ‘flat’ structure. This ensures short lines, quick follow-up and full focus on our clients. Due to a low staff turnover, our clients have a permanent team of dedicated specialists at their disposal, which leads to long customer relationships. Flexibility is maintained by directing the responsibility to the responsible account executive who can arrange all matters for the client with a broad mandate within our organization. As an organization, Schouten Zekerheid strives for continuity, which creates stability and continuity in our services for our clients. Schouten Zekerheid strives to continue to operate independently in the future. A goal that manifests itself in the shareholder structure; a structure focused on continuity. That makes us a stable, predictable partner for our clients, our own professionals and our business partners.

This long term vision is also reflected by our preference for engaging in long-term, sustainable partnerships with our business relations. As an independent insurance broker, we are committed to give our clients realistic, expert and reliable advice so they can always rest assured that they have access to the most optimal and innovative products and that their risks remain within manageable limits.

The sweet spot of our customer base are (large) SME and (small) industrial companies with 25-250 employees. Schouten Zekerheid distinguishes itself by sitting at the table with its clients as a business partner. This approach keeps us close to our client group, allowing us to contribute to their thought processes in designing risk solutions that add value to their business. With a personal approach and a permanent contact person who is available 24 hours a day, Schouten Zekerheid acts as a remote in-house insurance department. With a focus on prevention and claims management on both material and personnel related risks, we look beyond just an insurance solution.

We offer a stable, inspiring work environment that encourages professional and personal growth with a view to continuous development of the talented employees and recruitment of new talent. Our expertise is guaranteed by the Schouten Zekerheid Academy which constantly motivates our employees to continue to develop. This approach ensures that the professionals working here today contribute to the risk solutions of tomorrow.

A final distinguishing factor in the services provided by Schouten Zekerheid is the highly experienced team of in-house claims specialists. In the event of a claim, our specialists first of all take control of the administrative process. In addition, they monitor that the claim is paid correctly and on time by the insurer(s) involved.


Rivium Quadrant 81, Capelle aan den IJssel, , Netherlands - 2909 LC


0031 10 288 44 44

Associations , Construction , Contractors and Contracting , EB – International Employee Benefits , Family/Closely-Held Business , Manufacturing , Marine , Professional Services , Retail (stores, markets, shops, etc.) , Transportation/Trucking , Warehousing and Logistics
Europe / Middle East / Africa
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