We Are Better Together: Assurex Global on Diversity & Inclusion

We are better together. This simple, yet powerful phrase, underscores what Assurex Global is all about.

The recent death of George Floyd (and other racist events that preceded and followed his death) brings to the forefront that we, Assurex Global, have another opportunity to speak with one voice. Our 106 firms already speak with one voice when it comes to values, intentions, and how we treat and respect each other. While our individual voices are in different languages and dialects, we are 106 Partner firms that stand together.

Assurex Global has grown into a worldwide diverse partnership comprised of like-minded firms that stay true to their values and actively support their communities, employees, and clients. This serves us well as we actively embrace and drive change across our firms. Change always has its challenges, and this challenge reminds us of the words by Martin Luther King Jr. –

“Today, our very survival depends on our ability to stay awake, to adjust to new ideas, to remain vigilant and to face the challenge of change.”

We condemn racism, discrimination, and injustice and we will actively collaborate to cultivate work environments that make diversity and equality around the world a priority. We will use the Assurex Global platform to share information, educate each other, support each other, and embrace change.

We have created a Diversity & Inclusion Resource Center for our Partners and will continue to build it as more resources become available. The resource center will house examples from Partner firms on how they have communicated to staff and clients, educational resources from service providers, and more. Our Partners can access this resource center on our Partner-only portal, Community.

We are committed to doing the work to educate ourselves and take action that will help you and your communities. We will become part of the solution together by creating resources and opportunities for engagement and discussion around this critical movement.